Your own mobile social tool to facilitate discovery and communication

Let your members find and network with each other more effectively in real time!

Powerful private label mobile community platform

Attractive design & full control. Appealing layout & easy-to-use features. Includes SMS, calls, chats & email. Privacy.

The best communication platform developed with end-users in mind.

Simple, fast and available for everyone. Your brand. User directory & location, search & appointments.

Full control over your community

Content management and marketing tools, instant access to user profiles and advanced event stats. Easy setup.


MoSocial features: White label product with everything you need in mobile social discovery platform, a mobile business communication tool. Works perfectly for events, ongoing mobile communities, private meetings!

CALL • SMS • EMAIL A fast form of mobile communication to members online and offline.

Instant emails, SMS and calls for all members!

Universal platform Fits any type of group, community, business event, conference, etc.

Available for everyone! May be private or public with registrations.

Your Branding Private label mobile software with you in mind.

Your name, your logo and your profiles.

Manage it yourselfPowerful administration area.

Control your members, mass message a group, ban violators, see stats.

Privacy settings Secure environment for everyone.

Hide profile option, private and public contacts, black lists, and more controls.

Matching algorithmsSocial Discovery: Suggest people of interest instantly.

The system offers matches to members based on their profile data.

is a powerful communication web-mobile application.

Reviews & Testimonials:

We all have busy lives and now find it difficult to meet up at the same place for weekly club meetings. We now use MoSocial as a mobile meetup for our club members so we can get everyone together in real time so no one misses important meetings.
Jemma, Womens World

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